The Athletic Image FAQ's

How do I arrange to have my team's game photographed?
  • Please visit the "Contact Us" page and complete the form to request a photographer at your game or event. We'll get back in touch with you regarding scheduling.

Do I have to sign up or pay in advance to view photos of our game?

  • No. All of our photos are available for previewing at no charge! Simply visit the Galleries page and find the listing for your pictures. Viewing them is FREE - but, of course, we hope you find something you want to order.

How do I order images?

  • To order photos visit the "Galleries" page and look through the list to find your game or event. Once you have found your event, you can preview the numerous photos - either going through them manually or using the slideshow feature - and find the ones you would like to order. Then simply select your desired print sizes and quantities. You can then go through the Check-Out procedure.

Can I order a digital file instead of a print? And what am I allowed to do with a digital image file?

  • Absolutely. We do offer digital image files on CD - containing both hi-resolution versions (ready for immediate printing) and low-resolution versions (which are acceptable for e-mailing). When you purchase a CD image file, The Athletic Image is granting you the limited rights to use that image for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. No commercial or editorial use of the image is permitted, nor do you have permission to alter the image, without prior written permission from The Athletic Image. Basically, YOU MAY NOT make money with the image. Any violation of this is an infringement on our copyright. The Athletic Image always owns and retains the copyrights to all images taken by our photographers. Feel free to print as many copies of the image as you wish for yourself or to give to friends and relatives; email it to friends and relatives, etc. But any other use is in violation of copyright law. If you have any other questions regarding this, please call The Athletic Image at 678-386-2116.

How do I pay?

  • You have a couple of options for payment. After completing your contact information in the check-out page, you may click the "E-Mail this order to The Athletic Image" button. This will 1) send me an e-mail which contains your order; 2) send you an e-mail confirming your order; and 3) present you with a confirmation screen which gives you your total amount due and an address to send your payment - which can be a check or money order.
    Alternatively, you can click the "PayPal" image-link for payment. This action will 1) send me an e-mail with your order details; and 2) forward you to the PayPal site to pay for your order. You may use credit cards, your bank account, or an e-check to pay for your order immediately. The Athletic Image has the distinction of being a verified Paypal vendor since 2000, and we hope that you find Paypal to be a quick and secure method of payment. Please note: You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal to pay for your order. 

How long does it take to get prints that I ordered?

  • Once an order is placed, the images are processed. When payment is received, the images are sent to the lab for printing. The turnaround time for printing is normally 2 days. The prints are then reviewed by The Athletic Image to make sure that they're the correct prints for that order, then mailed out to the customer. Total time is usually a week to 10 days. All our photos are processed by professional labs, not photo printers, ensuring that the quality and longevity of our products is one of the best available today. The Athletic Image guarantees your satisfaction - if you are displeased, please let us know. We refuse to have anyone pay for prints that they don't like.

My print doesn't have the same cropping as the one displayed on the website. How come?

  • Due to the different aspect ratios of different sized prints, the image filling the print area will appear slightly different than the image you see on the screen. In other words, what you see on an 8x10 format print appears slightly different on a 4x6 or 5x7 format print. All images on our website for purchase appear in a standard 35mm aspect ratio (3 to 2 ratio).

If you have any other questions or concerns not covered here, please feel free to ask. We don't mind answering questions ....